Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend production :-)

I was a little busy this past weekend. I did take some time out for family, son's basket ball game and a good movie, let's not forget the trip to Hobby Lobby!! :-) I did manage to get some things done!
In this business I definitely learn things as I go, and I think I'm going to have to make a design change on these pillowcase dresses. They just seem a little straight to me and I think the next ones I cut out I'll have to cut out a little on an "A" line. I just think they'd look better. I have three more cut out like this, but the ones after that I think will be a little different. :-) 

I got 2 dresses done. These are not orders I've filled these are what I have on hand for immediate ship to you. The "Alabama" dress is a Newborn size and if you are interested in this one you will have to E-Mail me for information at The Camo one is a 3 month size and is $20.00 plus shipping.
Diaper wipe cases. I just can't say how much I love these. They just add so much character to the diaper bag. Of course the pink one is an order for a customer, however the other two are on hand and ready for shipment to you. :-) They are $10.00 each. There is a camo with pink trim that says "Princess" and a sports one trimmed in red that says "All Star".
Of course more pens! They have strings on them because I will attach my business card to them and either send them out as ordered, or put them in with orders as gifts. I just LOVE these things. Problem is, I'm such a pen fanatic, I want to use them all. LOL!!

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