Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have been working despite the lack of pictures being posted. :-)
I've got a new bib, LOVE this one!! Three dresses and the hair bows to match.

Two more Alabama Dresses. I even expanded my size 8 to make it a size 9, so now I can go up to size 9 on my dresses.
Another camo dress with ruffle. HAHA!! I just noticed the hair bow is a little hard to see. It's camouflaged in.

This is the new bib I'm doing. So CUTE!!! This name will really pop when done in a different color other than what the initial is outlined in. Light weight denim, appliqued and name embroidered with a ruffle and snap closure. $15.00 each.

Also got some new material. The polka dot would be wonderful for some baby items or Easter dress. The paisley and green is for a special order I will be working on in the next day or so. I'm thinking I will have a little bit of it left over to make a dress. :-) Or maybe one of those new bibs, decisions, decisions...........

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