Friday, April 13, 2012

Yesterday's work

I was busy yesterday. I've added some new covered diaper wipe cases to my "on hand and ready to ship".
These 5 new covered diaper wipe cases are all waiting for the right person to order them. They are On Hand Ready To Ship. :-)
Do you have a "Prissy Missy"?

Maybe you have a "Wild Thing"! or maybe you are a Tiger fan.

You could have a little diva that's a real "Cutie Patootie"

Maybe you have a "TIGER" :-)

This one is a little different and is definitely a ONE OF A KIND. :-)
This one is kind Sassy itself. This "Sassy Girl" is cheetah print on one side and turquoise on the other side.
My goof is your benefit on this one. I was not paying close attention when putting it together and actually put the front "Sassy Girl" on the back of the case. I am selling this one at a discounted price of $8.00.
It's a little backwards but it is still functional. :-)

All cases are $10.00 plus shipping unless other wise notated.

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