Saturday, June 30, 2012

Diaper wipe case

Special order from Etsy. Thanx for shopping.
 Order ready to go out

 Camo diaper wipe case trimmed in brown and pink ribbon.

Little girls purse and gifts.

Got an order ready to go out the door. Going to be for a little girl. She's gonna smile so BIG!!! :-))
 Embroidered name accented with a bow.

Inside details and straps.

Gifts to send out with orders. Gotta stay stocked up on these. :-)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Recent Projects

 This is a new purser I'm adding to my line up. This one is large and has a zipper. As usual it has pockets all the way around inside and can have them all the way around outside as well or just on one side. Price for this purse is $35.00. I will be making some adjustments to the measurements on this purse.
Outside pockets is one place I will make adjustments in measurements as well as the band around the bottom. I think the band around the bottom should be bigger or taller and the pockets should be shorter.

It looks all wrinkly on the inside because of having to turn it inside out. :-)

 This is a recent order. This is my medium purse. Aprox 10 x 10 x 2in deep. Pockets all the way around inside.

I just can't get over this fabric combination. I just love these colors and these fabrics. :-)

 This is a recent order. Size 5 pillow case dress.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Construction of my dresses

     I have recently been to flea markets where people are selling pillow case dresses and they are considerably cheaper than what I am charging. Before you come to the conclusion my are too expensive please take a look at the construction of my dresses. I use a binding around the arm holes, the ones I see at flea markets are just rolled back and hemmed. The binding gives a cleaner more finished look. Also my bottoms are done in true pillow case style. The seems are inside and the hem does not show. Also my seems on the inside are French seems. They are encased and there are no exposed seems inside. The ties on all my dresses, although I have considered using ribbon, are all coordinating fabric. I prefer this. I think they have a more finished polished look. I can get any fabric out there anyone else can. I can custom make your dress how you want it. I will not charge extra for personalization. The only thing I charge extra for is ruffles (because it takes more material) and larger sizes (because they use more material).
     If you look at the dresses at the flea markets and compare to mine, mine are much better made. I truly appreciate all of my customers, but I have entered into this to make money and supply a quality product I would put on my kids and not mass produce a product to make a buck off of.
     Thank you graciously,
     Melinda Waldrop
     Lil'Bit O'Sass

So far this week

Covered diaper wipe case for all those little cowgirls out there
"Cowgirl Up"! This is made from old blue jeans so it already has it's own character stains. :-) So cute!!
$10.00 plus shipping

 Newborn size pillow case dress. On hand and ready to ship. $20.00 plus shipping.
Be sure to check out the French seems.

 This size 4T pillow case dress is the same fabric combination just switched. I absolutely LOVE this print with the green and gray. This dress is $27.00 plus shipping and on hand and ready to ship. All my dresses have the French seems. No exposed seems.

 This is a new item. Zippered coin purse key chain. $6.00 plus shipping. On hand and ready to ship or custom order yours today.

Lime green, black and grey covered diaper wipe case with bow. $10.00 plus shipping, on hand and ready to ship.