Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

I was in need of an apron for a couple up coming events. So introducing a new item for Lil'Bit O'Sass. Hope you LOVE it as much as I do. :-)
 This was my first shot to see how it would work out. 6 pockets. Plenty of room for everything.

 Back side of apron

This is mine. I am going to use this for a couple up coming events and I think it will be a life saver!!!

^ Back side of apron

> My apron with my note book and pen in it. plenty of room for everything.

 My hubby actually was the one that came up with this idea. It's a covered plastic pencil box for school.

^ The only thing about this one is the inside is clear and you can see the ugliness of the back side. :-/

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