Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Couple New Items in the Mix

I've been very busy. I have my first grandchild on the way, due Christmas day!!! We are having a BOY!!! So, YES, I have been busy making some things for our little Joseph Camden Allison "Cam".
 This is a new item I will be adding to the line up. Cold weather is just around the corner so these will come in very handy. This was my first attempt. These will be $35.00. I can applique designs on these and embroider on them as well to personalize them for your little special person.

Next are a couple denim bibs appliqued and embroidered to personalize them.
 These have cotton on the back and light weight denim on the front with initials appliqued on and names$8.00 each. They have velcro closures.

The following are a flannel bib and burp cloth set I have listed on my Etsy store. This is ready to ship as is. SO CUTE!!
 This set is $10.00 with $5.00 flat rate shipping.

The next two sets are sets I made for Camden!!! He's going to be so spoiled!!!

This next item is a crib sheet I made for Camden. I'm not sure I'm going to add this to my line up of items to sell, simply because it would cost more to make one than to buy a pack. I guess if someone needed a certain design to match something they had then I would. Just not real cost effective. I would have to charge around $30.00ea to come out on them. They take 3 yards of fabric.

The following will be a new item. I LOVE these. One for my little Camden and one for a gift. They will be $23.00ea.
 These are the diaper stackers you hang on the end of the crib in the nursery.

This next item will also be a new item for Lil'Bit O'Sass. A full apron. I've been meaning to make one for quite some time. They will be $20.00 and I can also personalize these with applique designs and embroidery.

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